Vol. 9 Autumn of Life, 2008

On May 8th 2008, I will turn 40.

It is the age called “the autumn of life” in the Edo Period when people lived only around 50 years.

Of course I don’t think I will end my life in ten years, but I feel something which reminds me my responsibilities standing at one of the milestones in my life.

Curiosity in searching for my originality of music is becoming strong, more and more as I get older.

I’ve always tried to be exposed to diverse genres of music thinking that “in order to play Jazz, to listen only to Jazz is insufficient”.

Recently I am truly aware of my precious and important objective, “to send my music much more than before to all.”

I want to share the music I created believing that was great, with people who listen to it for the first time.

I know such an idea is too selfish and unreasonable.

But I believe I can achieve this significant goal if I can be a person who shares something special with people of the world after experiencing as much as possible.

I feel happiest to see you all when I play music.

I live my life in the space of live performance.

I want to make my sensibility richer not only by listening to music, but also by seeing many theatrical plays, reading books, and appreciating works of art in the future as well.

I sincerely hope I can see you all. JUN USUBA at the autumn of his life, will keep going!

Jun Usuba

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