Vol. 2

How are you doing?

I am busy but satisfied preparing for the full-fledged start of my own new group, “JUN USUBA & YOUNG RABBITS”.

I learn a lot from communicating with young musicians. As I said at the previous message, I am deeply feeling that this is my “Second Debut”.

The other day, I had a chance to reunite and deepen a friendship with a saxophonist Branford Marsalis for the first time in 15 years.

I and Branford met each other when I was 21 and he was 29, at a magazine dialogue.

At that time Branford gave me a great opportunity to jump in his live performance with his quartet consisted of Kenny Kirkland (p), Robert Hurst (b), and Jeff Tain Watts (ds) at Shinjuku Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo.

In those days I was already a professional musician but at the same time I was a student of Chuo University, Tokyo.

And in those days I did not have a deep awareness of what is Jazz, and my performing skill was still immature. Branford gave me a precious treasure not only through words, but also by experiences.

It was impossible for me then to understand everything immediately, but he surely inspired deep inside of me.

Later, this experience played a very important roll at each juncture in my musical career.

The other day, I joined the instrumental clinic session of Branford at Ishimori Wind Instruments Special Co., Ltd., Tokyo.

At that session, he gave me exactly a same advice he gave me 16 years ago.

“It is same as my thought! I have been right!!”

That was what I said after the session.

However, finally I realized that such a thought of mine itself was brought by Branford of 16 years ago.
It’s a very happy thing for me that I could share the time together with him at this important juncture of my “Second Debut”.

I wish as many people as possible to listen to my music without categorizing.

I believe the music can reach to people’s heart when it exists beyond boundaries of genres.

Please watch over “JUN USUBA & YOUNG RABBITS”.

Thank you very much.

May 8th, 2006

JUN USUBA, just turned 38 years old today

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