Vol. 5

August 15th, Tuesday, 2006
Jun Usuba’s recording live performance at JIROKICHI, Tokyo.
Dedicated to Takehiro Honda.
Jun Usuba (sax)
Yudai Sato (kb), Takashi Yofu (g), Tomokazu Sugimoto (b), Yasushi Fukumori (ds), Toshiya Ozawa (per)

Mitsuo Nagai (g)
Nyudo (vo, harp)

Recently I have keenly realized the significance to play with an honest heart by looking back to my own musical history and recalling my feeling of when I was young.

This time’s recording live performance was implemented by my sudden decision, my strong will to preserve the music of now-or-never.

I call it my second debut.

I want to thank my predecessors who inspired me.
I want to thank to the opportunities of meeting young and talented musicians.

I want to thank my staff members for giving me the place to play my music.

On top of that, all of you who come to my live stages, I want to thank you.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everything.
However, as the day of recording drew near, I realized how difficult the target I set was.

Actually it was under the worst pressure I’d ever had in my musical career.

But I didn’t want to run away nor do a poor job.
It was my responsibility.

I just concentrated on the thought that

It’s important to be myself of the day of August 15 2006.
The day never comes again.

I should have done so, but it was hard to control myself to do so.

But I could make it finally thanks to my great fellow musicians.
I played my music honestly. I did my best.

I have no regret because I could realize that

I am no more or no less than myself of this moment.

I want to keep going toward my new destination.

I would like to thank you all most warmly for supporting my project.

I am filled with happiness.

Thank you very much.

Jun Usuba

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